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EIDP produces accessories and jewelry for fashion.

Lorenzo Ghirardini

Founder EIDP Technologies


EIDP Technologies srl complete a course of thirty years of development in research and development.

The constant engagement in the production of high quality articles reflects the essence of the made in Italy handicraft.

The team has been able to reach high level of specialization and therefore of performance under the skilled guide of the experienced founder of the company, Mr Lorenzo Ghirardini. Eidp has in fact obtained the approval of the biggest fashion Maisons with which it has been cooperating for years and which enabled it to become their preferential partner .

During the years EIDP has evolved from the mere mass production into supplier of always more tailored solutions, handling projects in strict synergy with the customers .

Starting from the planning till the production phase Eidp guarantees high professionalism and ability to optimize the customer’s investment thanks to the advanced technologies at disposal .

Recently the enthusiasm of the team has come to a new ambitious project, the B True world. B True is the new brand for our own production lines that are a balanced synthesis of technological innovation ,Italian handicraft and our personal creative power .