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True B is the brand’s jewelry department headed by EIDP Technologies, a manufacturer of fashion accessories and the official supplier of the biggest fashion houses.
True B comes from a long tradition of Italian craftsmanship recognized for excellence in quality and technology used synonymous with innovation and potential experimental.
B True realizes its own collections in limited edition to ensure high product quality and exclusivity of the brand.
In addition to the jewelery collections featuring luxury materials and eye-catching design, B True experiments with new pathways and interactions that take the form of fashion items.
The philosophy of B True is creating rare items to help each person to define his image allowing it to be true ..
We quote the line of helmets glamor in collaboration with Caberg.
True B has created a line of jet helmets with Swarovski crystals certified. In addition to excellent standards Caberg of comfort, fit and high impact resistance of their helmets Riviera, you will appreciate a new safety: that of yourself.
Sifilare new road will be an unforgetable.
Creativity and líinnovazione B True thought is to him, and her two customizable models on request